Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Did U know SEX Facts

Title this time agak HOT.... hehehe just for info untuk semua k.... Think Positive yo!!!!

11 to 12 minutes is all it takes to physically turn on both men and women .

Kissing a man in front of a mirror could help turn a woman on. A study has shown that women react more to a kissing spectacle than watching a man have sex with her.

Women are 10 times more sensitive to touch than men.

A study found that a man's girth instead of penis lenght is what gives a woman a better shot climaxing.

156 miles per hour is that maximum speed erotic sensations travel from skin to brain.

20 MINUTES of exercise before going at it will improve your sexual response due to better clitoral blood flow. Athletic women say their sexual response is better.

70% of women would rather eat chocolate than have sex. Yet, women who eat chocolates on a daily basis report higher sex drives.


Having sex in the car is the most common out-of-bedroom spot to have sex.

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